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The Slovenian Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants performs the tasks defined by the laws governing the aliens, international protection and temporary protections of displaced people. Within the scope of it functions it coordinates the work and tasks of other national authorities, non-governmental and other organisations regarding the support as well as integration of migrants, and monitors migration problems. It launches initiatives and proposals for solving the problems in this domain.

Th basic activity of the Office, as a separate government service, whose central tasks are the accommodation of and support to different categories of migrants, arises from the need for an orientated and controlled operation in supporting the migrants entering the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The Office plays an important role due to implementing urgent measures for protecting public order and internal state security as well as to the horizontal nature of its tasks. This requires an inter-departmental approach that can be effectively provided within an office as a government service than within an individual ministry.

Based on the Aliens Act the Office is responsible for providing basic support to persons who have the permission to stay which includes the right to financial compensation in the amount and manner defined by the law on paying financial assistance which regulates the beneficiaries of social assistance.

Under the International Protection Act the Office provides material support and coordinates the exercise of other rights of applicants for international protection, including psycho-social support. For the purposes of accommodating the applicants for international protection the Office manages the Asylum Centre and its branches as well as organises their operation. The Office is also responsible for providing the rights and implementing integration measures concerning the persons granted international protection. In line with the law the Office provides accommodation to persons under international protection in integration houses and other facilities of the Office and pays financial compensation in case they live in private housing.

In case of a mass influx of displaced persons from third countries, particularly if there is a danger that the asylum system will not be able to adequately deal with an increased number of applications for international protection, the Republic of Slovenia offers temporary protection under the terms and procedures defined by the Act on temporary protection of displaced persons. In this case the government Office provides the applicants for temporary protection the necessary information by issuing information leaflets and organising an information service. The Office provides these persons with accommodation and food in accommodation facilities or pays out financial assistance for private housing.